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>> america does not need someone who has not been willing to say hamas is a terrorist organization saying anything. >> this is a fox news alert. at least one person is dead and dozens are hurt. at least six of the injured are said to be critically burned. we are toldie ooh a hospital in nearby daly city is on triage as the injured are being brought in for treatment. the fire's been burning a few hours now and it has burned at least a dozen homes. flames could be seen shooting 60 feet into the air. a local fire chief saying a gas line break is likely the cause, about the local utility company has not confirmed that. people in the area say they felt
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a large blast before the fire broke out. helicopters have been dropping water on the area that's burning. once gain, a massive fire is raging through a san bruno, california, neighborhood. one person is dead and dozens of others are hurt. for now, back to "on the record," already in progress. k. >> you're in trouble dude. >> that doesn't sound particularly good, does it. we have more of that video, but first. have you seen some of the democrats sprinting away from the president? what's with that? joining us live sam young white house correspondent for the hill. some of the democrats in the field running for office seem to be running from the president. >> i think a track meet is a good way to put it. it is every man for himself now. we've seen some of these spending plans from the president, in honor of the nfl
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season kicking off tonight it is a hail mary from the white house to try and save jobs beginning with democrats in november. >> greta: senator bennet is a perfect example he's running from them. >> he's the first one, one of the first to stand up and say 50 billion dollars in infrastructure spending i can't support that. the bigger question i have isn't whether senator bennet supports, where is harry reid on this? >> greta: where is harry reid on this? >> no idea. where is nancy pelosi. don stewart who works for mitch mcconnell said he would buy lunch to any reporter who could find a statement from a democratic congressman or senator supporting this. he hasn't bought anybody lunch yet. >> greta: with all due respect to the president, a little bit of a gimmick. he want -- he needs congress to do this but congress won't be back until next week for a short time then they are going to run back to their jurisdictions to continue
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running for office. fit happens at all it is going to happen lame duck december into january it is only talk. >> it does seem disingenuous from the white house. when they know they have a short amount of time on the calendar and there's not an appetite to do this. they will probably get the small business bill through. in terms of this significant, i mean 50 billion dollars in more spending, i often joke in america that's real money. >> greta: senator bennet is in a close race in colorado is he up or down? >> it neck-and-neck with republican buck. this man just survived a very close primary. the obama versus clinton primary there. >> greta: president obama went out and campaigned for him. president clinton for the man that he beat now he's running from president obama. >> you almost have to look hard to find a democrat looking to stand close to president obama these days. the president's popularity is
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not where it was when he took office. democrats are lacking any kind of unified coherent message for reelection. because of that it is like i said, every man for himself. >> the president said on another network he thought this election might be a referendum on the economy. are they thinking it is a referendum are the senators, members of congress think it is a referendum on the economy or the leadership by the president? >> i don't know they draw that distinction. because the american voter isn't drawing that distinction. the american voter sees an economy not recovering, billions in increased spending and they haven't seen results. they are asking where are the job? s we are spending all this money, where is the return? >> greta: you are at the white house since you represent the white house for your news organization is the white house -- does the white house see this as business as usual? >> they understand the nature of the beast. which is politicians need do whatever they can do to get
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elected. this is not a white house forgiving of people who run astray and run their own campaigns. what we saw last year with special elections, with governors' races any time a democrat did not win this white house was quick to throw them under the bus and say there is only so much we can do. >> greta: sam thank you. when jon stewart says this, you know things are looking grim for democrats. >> the democrats are getting, i don't know the political term for it, crushed i guess would be the -- they seem to be having a difficult time getting traction. >> we are doing good work we have a president and congress that have done historic things. that's what we do. we are the underdog party even when we have majority. >> you control senate, house and executive branch. you are the underdog in what universe? you should have a message guy for the party. >> i brought a speech. we a message between now and
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november and i'm going to hand it to you. they drove night the ditch. don't give 'em the keys back. >> you're in trouble dude. >> greta: do democratic leaders think a bloodbath is coming and are they switching strategy to save their majority? you are in trouble dude. not you. >> well, i think jon stewart kind of nailed it in those four words. when you look at the metrics the polling numbers coming in on this congress we are looking at something that is extraordinary in history. gallup has been asking the generic ballot question. which party's candidate you are going to vote for house of representatives? they started asking in 1942 even before i started covering this stuff. they've never had the republicans in the lead by six points or more. the last they've had now gallup had republicans in the
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lead six, seven 10. you look at these other polls coming out, 12 point in rasmussen, 13 points among likely voters in abc/ "washington post", nine fox news, unchartered territory in the last 68 years. not because of the appeal of the republicans which we know is limited. it is negative on the democrats. >> greta: it seems it is easier to answer the phone and say something than to do a ballot or go and vote. how much does that convert to the numbers? >> if you look at measures of enthusiasm. are you more likely to vote? the different voter screens. republicans are doing better when you measure likely voters as opposed to registered voters people who answer a series of questions that indicates they are more likely to when you ask if they have
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greater enthusiasm or watching the election closely? you start to see republicans twice as likely to do that as democrats during the cycle. it is a reversal of 2008 when it was the democrats who were enthusiastic and the republicans were saying well i'm not very interested this year. now it is the democrats talking that way. >> greta: where are the in-- where are the independents now? >> they now look like republican voters. in fact there's a couple of questions i've seen where they turn out to be more to the right than the republicans. but they're negative on president obama's job rating typically under 40% positive. they are tending to favor republicans over democrats in the generic house. looking at spaeufrings in senate races, governor races and in -- at specific pairings in senate races, governor races, almost always seeing
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independents going against democrats. >> greta: the predictions, the republicans need 39 seats to win the house. all the numbers hovering -- the predictions 37 to 42, 40-47, could it be more cataclysmic for republicans? >> charlie cook, stewart rothberg professional predictors look at these closely who are cautious about projecting defeat for any incumbent of either party. they are all predicting charlie at 40 for the -- a gain of 40 for the republicans. rothberg a little 39-42, larry it at 47 with the republicans needing 39 for a majority. i think you can imagine a more positive scenario for the democrats, barack obama, or
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some of their other people get the democratic base enthused. the enthusiasm advantage that the republicans currently have is lessened that would help the democrats. you can also imagine what you just brought up, which is an off the cliff result for the democratic party that we haven't seen for either party since the 19 -- 1940s. >> >> greta: if the big issue is the -8g9d ive on the economy, but also a negative verdict on policies that vastly expand the size and scope of government. remember, the obama democrats thought the stimulus package was going to be popular. they thought the health care bill was going to be popular. they thought the financial regulation bill was -- the last that might work out for them, clearly they were just turned out to be factually wrong [ talking over each other ]
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>> greta: they never go out and talk to the american people. the american people have been screaming about this since day one. we gotta go. michael will see a lot of you between now and november. thank you. we know you love behind the scenes we have something new. on the record has launched a new facebook fan page. check out photos and have special access you won't get anywhere else. go to we'll see you there. next we have a surprise. time pop the champagne? not so fast. you need to hear the report before you decide whether to do that. guess who had a meeting with arizona governor brewer today? one democrat, one republican. that inside story minutes from now. >> plus, another state going to war with the feds. this time alaska. not over health care nor illegal immigration. alaska governor parnell goes on the record, coming up. me neither.
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>> greta: it is good news but get out the magnifying glass because it is continue any but better than nothing. first time jobless claims fell by 27,000 last week. those numbers are better than expected. our next guest says we should not be in position to begin with. should we be celebrating 27,000 less jobless claims? >> certainly better when you are moving in the right
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direction. we've spent the last two months going in the wrong direction. this is a sign we are probably not falling back into recession now. but it is such a miserable situation now in the job market there's little hope with the growth we have now it is far too slow to get us back to where we need to be at the pace we are going now we are going to see the jobless rate now at 9.6% rising. a lot of people think it is going to rise above 10%. we are in a very bad situation jobless claims down to 450,000 new claims in a week isn't that great. >> greta: s of the 9.6%, -- in terms of the 9.6%, how does it inch up like that if the jobless claims are going down and the president says we are getting more manufacturing jobs? more people coming into the workforce and are these numbers, just playing a game with the numbers? >> we've had so many people dropout.
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>> greta: they are not counted? >> they are not always counted. when you do count all those people you are up about 16.7%. that's when you count all of those people who have given up hope and stepped out of the labor market. right now this path for growth is not going to draw enough of them in. even if we had job growth that we had the late 90s, we are in such a bad position now with eight million jobs lost it is going to be the middle of 2017 before we get back to where we were before the recession. >> greta: stunning when there's celebration, people are excited because we've created so many jobs, whether it is 67,000 new manufacturing jobs. at the same time the unemployment rate goes up. how can that be good if the unemployment rate is outpacing the job creation, that can't be good. >> eventually the job creation will effect --
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>> greta: if you don't have a job that event actually is hell. >> we are creating 50 to 70,000 jobs per month in the private sector. you need 125,000 to keep the jobless rate steady and that is not happening. that's why you are seeing this unemployment rate crept up from 9 1/2 to 9.6%. there that's why there is some expectation that will keep going up. until you get close to 200 now you are not in good shape. and now 2010 going into 2012 that election the best forecast for the economy show an 8% unemployment rate. >> greta: with the exception of the census jobs that were temporary has there been any month since the stimulus bill in tpweb '09 where we've had -- in february '09 where we've had 2 -- >> we have come out of the depths of the recession since the stimulus but the key is
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going from that point and just stopping the bleeding isn't enough. >> greta: i hear so much we are out of the recession, i talk to people and i think i just don't believe it. too many people are suffering and i see so many bad numbers, i think it is a bunch of economists playing with numbers. >> it can feel like a recovery when you have housing in the dumps, consumer confidence low, local and state government still cutting jobs. you are not going to feel it for a while. >> greta: sudeep, nice to see you, come back soon. >> what does greg abbott have in common with you? he contacted us. why? he is here. how about ambassador bolton for president? is he going to run? we will ask him
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>> this is a fox news alert. a california fire chief saying a gas line explosion likely caused a massive fire burn approximating homes in san bruno, california, south of san francisco. at least one person is dead and dozens are hurt.
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six of the injured are said to be critically burned. the fire's been burning a few hours and destroyed at least a dozen homes. a nassive fire in a san bruno, california, neighborhood. one person is dead. dozens of others are said to be hurt. stay with fox newschannel for more. back to "on the record," already in progress. abbott. he watched our report about the possibility of legalizing drugs in mexico. attorney general abbott joins us live. good evening, sir. you heard the discussion, apparently some discussion in mexico about the possibility of legalizing drugs. your thought? >> first of all, i guess i've been revealed. i'm a big fan of the show. i like the legal perspective that you as a lawyer bring to the equation of these public issues i was watching last night. i was concerned about the message that was articulated that may be one way to solve the growing terrorism that we are seeing from the drug cartels in mexico is to
1:23 am
legalize drugs in next -- in mexico that is wrong for three reasons. first, it sends the wrong message to the cartels. it sends a message by the government that listen, you guys won, we can't beat you. there's nothing we can do to stop you. so we are going to legalize this otherwise illegal activity. if you teller risks that kind of thing, that will -- if you tell terrorists that kind of thing that will embolden them not stop them. second, the argument was if you legalize drugs it will cut off the money that the cartel members are moving around. that's proven false by the activities that they are already engaging in. they are undertaking other activities where they are making money. such as human trafficking, kidnap -- kidnapping, extortion. you ran a story last week about immigrants passing through mexico who were herded together, shot and killed. these cartel members were
1:24 am
using these immigrants for purposes of ransom trying to get money from their families in other countries. you see things like that happen. the third thing which is very important. drugs are illegal in both the united states and in mexico. you are seeing this crime take place this terrorism, beheadings take place only in mexico. the reason for the difference is because of the criminal justice system difference between the united states and mexico. as long as there's a corrupt criminal justice system in mexico they will never be able to solve the problems with the cartels. >> greta: first the violence. mayor lopez-garcia was just murdered, four armed hooded men stepped out of a white truck and murdered him, a recent murder. second, i hope you don't think that we were suggesting there be a legalization of drugs in mexico. the discussion is being raised by president calderon and his
1:25 am
president saysor, president fox. in part they are drawing a line a little poking a finger the united states' eye saying it is our responsibility in part because we have not won our war on drugs that it is our market for drugs that we let guns wash through and we are not protecting our borders. the discussion about legalization of dugs not coming from me but we are reporting what they are saying as a possible resolution because they've been unable to come to terms with a horrible crisis down there that is only growing and it is getting to the point of anarchy when you are murdering mayors, prosecutors and governors and everybody else. >> the cartels have taken over a large part of government operations by terrorism. not just the mayor. they've killed attorneys general, gubernatorial candidates, officials across the country. but also, you're seeing another real possible answer that is yes, the united states government does need to step up and cooperate with mexico
1:26 am
that was part of the equation and solution with regard to colombia. colombia dealt with it not by legalizing the drugs. by trying to cut off the leaders of the drug cartels there. b, by extradition. by sending their drug cartel member to the united states for prosecution here. that began to solve the problem real quick. we either need to have mexico step up and engage in that tough prosecutorial effort orsen them here for prosecution. legalizing the drugs, i know it wasn't you who was articulating that message. but the message was convoyed. the i think it is important for this debate to carry forward. legalizing drugs does not solve the problem. there are other measures required to stop the drug cartels. >> greta: attorney general i hope you come back because this is a very important problem it is not going away only getting worse. and it is right on our border, as i don't need to tell anybody.
1:27 am
thank you sir. >> thank you. >> greta: next, arizona governor brewer has two very special guests. one democrat, one republican. who are they? and what did they want? you go behind the scenes of that meeting, next. >> is secretary clinton going really rogue? why is a hillary clinton for president ad running on tv?
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>> greta: an update to a story we brought you a short time ago two representatives from the state of rhode island, one democrat, one republican are in arizona. they just had a meeting with governor brewer about illegal immigration. what happened? joining us live rhode island state representative is the republican and representative bow a democrat. good evening to both of you. what happened at your meeting. >> good to be back thank you for having us. >> good to be here. >> we had a full day today. we met with not only governor
1:31 am
brewer, but we met with senator pierce the drafter of the 1070. we met with the phoenix law enforcement social. and we met with sheriff arpaio. we had a full day. there's one message that is loud and clear, it is the fact that they need some serious help from our federal government. and it is just not coming. >> and our federal government is not only letting arizona down, with the serious problem down here, but they are letting the rest of the states down by not securing the borders. you know, they sent about 500 troops down to secure the borders. i would use the analogy that's like using a wine cork to cork the oil spill in the gulf. >> greta: what is so
1:32 am
interesting about the two of you gentlemen is the fact that you actually got up, left your state, went down to arizona, took a look at it for yourself. talked to people. identified one of the -- identified what are the problems, more intriguing you are from two parties, one a democrat, one a republican. >> >> time to work together greta, we need to do it. it is an issue for america. as we stated the last time we were on, no such thing as a border state any more. these people are self-deporting illegals are self-deporting thanks to the works of the people down here in arizona. getting tough on the illegals, they are heading our way and heading to other states that are liberal. >> you talk about bipartisan support greta. it is amazing that our congress is just sitting back and allowing what is going on in this country to continue to happen everyday. it is amazing. everybody we talk to down here
1:33 am
leads to one conclusion that the only reason that these borders are not secure is because they don't want to make them secure. we could secure these borders overnight. >> greta: why do you think they don't want these borders secure, as you say? >> they use the reasons that they are afraid that we need the illegal immigrants to come into this country to give us jobs, for some of the jobs that supposedly the u.s. citizens won't take. that seems to be the underlying factor. and i can't help but believe and i've discussed this with congress men and they will tell 's the reason why congress is not getting teufr with this border situation -- getting tougher with this border situation. >> greta: one of the questions that people may have is that to what extent does rhode island have problems from illegal immigration like
1:34 am
arizona? where do you feel it in your state? >> huge problems. we are feeling it in our pocketbooks. i've been working on this issue since around 2007 along with representative trillo. the facts speak for themselves. we have somewhere between and agreed number is 40,000. you can double that that number of how many illegal aliens we have that is affecting us between -- -- 150 to 350 million dollars a year. we have such liberal programs where we take care if you are an illegal alien woman you get to rhode island go to the department of human services. they will give you either neighborhood health, united or blue cross. they give you a card with $400 a month on it and allow you to spend it on everything but food, because sit tight another $275 a month to spend
1:35 am
on food. these programs are outrageous. when people are dying -- we have unemployment rate of over 12% in our state. so it is killing us. when we started this in 2007 we were taking a proactive stance. no longer proactive move now it is a defensive mechanism. we are working -- it is sad. they are coming in they are self-deporting. we are going to get inundated. it could be the collapse of our country. we need get together, work as a team and get this solved, please. >> greta: i appreciate both of you joining me again tonight from arizona. i'm shirt you will be back, because this issue is not going away. thank you both. >> thank you very much greta. >> greta: next, disturbing new information about a secrete iranian site buried deep in the mountains. what is it? ambassador bolton is next. is another state going rogue on president obama? which one?
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>> this is a fox news alert from new york. a deadly fire sparked by a gas mine break explosion is raining through a san francisco suburb, at least one person is dead.
1:40 am
dozens of others are injured. for more on this developing story, we go to jeff smith, a spokesperson for the electric company. jeff, is it unusual to have such a large explosion when you are talking about a main break? >> you know, we are still working to determine exactly what the cause is. the cause has really yet to be determined. but first and foremost, our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by this terrible situation. the priority for us is to help make help with the first responders. >> we heard that fire officials said this was a gas main break. are you still in the process of trying to determine if that, indeed, is what caused this? >> you know, the exact cause does have yet to be determined. we do know that a pg&e gas transmission line was ruptured. if we were responsible for the cause of the incident, we will absolutely take accountability. meanwhile, we are working with
1:41 am
the red cross to provide emergency shelt shelter for those in need. we encourage anyone in the bay area in need of assistance or shelter who has been impacted to contact the red cross: 1-888-443-5722. our hearts are with the folk who is have been directly impacted. it's a tragic, tragic situation. we want to work to ensure that folks do remain safe. >> of course, jeff. if it turns out that this was a rupture and a gas main line, what are some potential causes of something like that? >> you know, because it's really too early to tell exactly what happened, it would be inappropriate to speculate at this point in time until we are able to work with the local officials and investigators to determine the exact cause. i wouldn't want to speculate on anything in regards to that at this point in time. >> you have crews on the ground there, obviously. what are they doing because we are looking at these flames. they are shooting in the area. we heard they were shooting 60
1:42 am
feet in the air. of course, you want to keep your crews safe. but how do you deal with a situation like this in order to ensure the safety of your crews? >> well, you know, we work very closely with all the local first responders and the fire department and other first responders on the scene. so the first priority, as you mentioned, is to make the situation safe for both the folks living in the area, as well as for crews that are responding. we look to do that and coordinate very closely with all first responders to make sure that we are making the situation safe and working closely with those folks. in the meantime, wanting to make sure that the folks what have been impacted are taken care of. that's the first priority. it's a terrible situation. we want to make sure that the folks that have been impacted by it get the help that they need. >> you know, what are some of these safety precautions? one question i had -- do you shut gas off to that area? or do you shut it off to a wider area? how do you -- how do you go
1:43 am
about trying to secure the area? >> it depends on the specifics, the specific circumstances of the case and the particular situation because it really is fluid. you know, we are working with the local officials on the scene to determine what is the best course of action and what's going to be -- what we can do to safely -- safely respond to what is taking place. so we are working with those folks to determine who's the best course of action to both keep the folks that are directly impact in the area, as well as our crews responding on the situation. >> all right, jeff. thank you so much for joining us. hope to keep your crews safe. >> thank you very much. jeff smith, pacific gas & electric. there is a fire burning in san bruno, california, in a pretty wide area, lots of homes destroyed. at least one person dead. several people, we are told, have been injured in this. stay with fox newschannel, we will bring you the latest on this develop story. for now, back to "on the record." resistance group
1:44 am
says it has proof. satellite pictures of the alleged site were displayed today. intelligence source tells us they've been watching this facility for four years. another u.s. official said there is no reason to think the site is nuclear. joining us live john bolton. sounds like who is on first. do they have anything or not? if so, what are we doing? >> when you see tunneling into a mountain where there are no known natural resources by a government like iran or north korea, you can bet something unhelpful is going on. it is very difficult to know from a great distance what is intended for the sites underground. as of now the u.s. government does not know what is going on there. this opposition group has been right before on nuclear activities in iran. there's reason to believe they are right again. >> greta: why would we have sanctions? we have sanctions in place if we didn't think they were up
1:45 am
to something. if not there, it is some place else. we've been aggressive to try to seek sanctions against iran, right? we are not doing that for sport. >> another big success. >> greta: south korea yesterday said they would agree to some of the sanctions. but a company we've defended for 60 years won't shutdown the iranian bank in seoul. >> unbelievable. we are very worried about the north korea nuclear program. nobody can say we haven't been concerned to defend not only ourselves but south korea. it is north korea that works with iran on both ballistic missiles and the nuclear site. here's south korea that can't summon up the will to do what is needed against iran. >> greta: it is all for money and greed. of all countries i thought would back us. trying to get iran to stop using nuclear weapons for our
1:46 am
good and their good for them to hold back on shutting down this bank which would be critical to imposing sanctions on iran is stunning. >> this is how iran evades sanctions. we've got 39,000 americans troops and the korea -- >> greta: for 50 years. >> imagine what the unfriendly countries are doing. >> greta: you know it is coming, are you running for president? >> i haven't decided. >> greta: a possibility? >> that's the closest thing i can do. i'm concerned that under the obama administration we are not paying enough attention to the deterioration of our national security posture around the world. i don't see the president correcting that. i think he's obsessed with completely restructuring our domestic economy. our adversaries aren't going to give us a chance to have that debate. they are moving against us. the iran case is a perfect
1:47 am
example. we need more focus on this issue. the voters need a better choice. >> greta: have you discussed this with possible supporters, have we gotten that far? >> people ask me all the time are you going to run? >> greta: just sort of seek out information. >> i am not a politician. i've never run for office. >> greta: have you made calls? >> i've talked to people about it. what i'm doing is what i think is appropriate for anybody work in the midterm elections. i've done a little for the candidate for governor of maryland. we are both baltimore boys. patrick murray running for congress in virginia. state auditor in missouri. i think we need to focus on november and worry about the longer term after that i think it is worth thinking about, absolutely. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. we have more to talk about iran, of course the clock is running down. thank you sir. next, the best of the rest.
1:48 am
hillary clinton for president in 2012? why is a new political ad making waves? find out next. >> here's a tip, don't mess with new jersey governor chris christie. another classic confrontation caught on tape. >> iron mike tyson is a former champ but
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. this could be awkward at cabinet meetings. this new ad paid for by a chicago dentist. >> greta: on the record spoke to the dentist. he thinks americans have buyer's remorse about president obama and his ad shows what people are already thinking. the ad is running in louisiana and los angeles. the dentist hopes it will air in new york and
1:53 am
washington, d.c.. >> by now you know new jersey governor christie does not back down from confrontation. check out the governor butting heads with a teacher. >> i wonder how your s will help the middle class when so many teachers have been laid off this year? new jersey has some of the best schools in the country. and this administration has done nothing but lamb baste us and tell us -- lambaste us and tell us what horrible schools you have. you have alienating so many people with rhetoric that we are bilking the state with all of this money when i'm a taxpayer because of the budget cuts, i'm going to have a hard time paying my bills this year. >> well, a few things. first of all a few things. first of all i have not lambaste the school system. let's start with this.
1:54 am
i stood here and respectfully listened to you. if what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk then i have no interest in answering your question. so if you would like to -- [ applause ] >> so if you would like to conduct a respectful conversation, i'm happy to do it. if you don't please go and sit down and i will answer the next question. what is your choice? >> greta: she decided she wanted to hear what governor christie's answer was. he defended his policies and said the new jersey teacher's union would not make small sacrifices to help the state. >> finally a tough baby could be born in a few months. mike tyson is going to be a father for the 8th time. his wife is reportedly five months pregnant. the couple has a 21-month-old daughter. representative for tyson tells people magazine the couple is happy and everyone is doing great.
1:55 am
congratulations. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, some american troops get the surprise of a lifetime on the steven colbert show. stay ♪ [ male announcer ] what if clean sheet day became clean sheet week? new ultra downy april fresh has scent pearls
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>> this is a fox news alert. a wild fire is raging in a california suburb. we are hearing from an official now. >> how many people have been -- [inaudible]. >> all i know at this time, there is 100 people hathat near our evacuation center. >> is there any way of knowing at this point how long those people who were not in the immediate fire area might have to stay away from their homes? >> i couldn't vent tower guess at this point until weget down there to assess the situation. >> any of the homes that have been damaged and 120 others damaged? >> yes, that's the information we have at the briefing. >> how widespread is the shutoff of gas clean and electricity services? >> that would be a pg&e question. i could not be accurate. >> that's up to you. >> is there any indication of what caused -- >> the fire right now? >> the fire is being contained
1:57 am
at this point. folks -- at the briefing, it was 50% contained. i think -- we are in a good holding pattern right now. i don't think we will have much extension. >> what is your particular concern? >> actually getting access to secure and make sure the gas is totally shut down and our crews can go in and do mopup and cleanup of the area. >> at the time of the explosion? >> the city's going to try to coordinate as much as we can to try to help the residents. the hotline will be set up. and we are going to try to set up in sm informational table fist we can. probably at city hall for insurance company, things like that so we can get quick relief for the individuals. >> the cause of the break? >> unknown. unknown at this time. >> where was the break? >> all we know, it was down at the end of glenview, at the bottom of gleanview, seems to be
1:58 am
the first hole we noticed was. but it was a large hole. >> at this point, we have declared a disaster, a local disaster in the city of san bruno, which has been confirmed through the state. and we will be accessing federal resources to the extent that they are available through that process. >> and the federal disaster -- >> at this point, i do not know. >> what is your basic concern tonight? >> have you talked to the governor's office. >> right now, the safety of our firefighters, obviously, we don't have great lighting in the area. we are going to have to go through, it's hay messy scene down there. the safety of the firefighters and any public around and the safety personnel, that's going to be priority number 1. >> will it be daylight before you really see what happened? >> until we get down there, i hope not. i hope we will -- we doll initial investigations tonight, but realistically, we will
1:59 am
probably tomorrow morning. >> are the evacuations februaryed now? or could there be more depending on circumstances? >> you could be correct. there could be more. i mean, right now, we have the most affected areas that we have evacuated with law enforcement's assistance. but that doesn't mean something else couldn't happen. >> how big is the area? >> what was the response? >> someone reported gas -- this is a question from the citizen. >> this is the first we have any notice of it. >> coming -- >> this is the first time the fire department's had any notice itch the question for our viewers back there is that some people had reported, apparently, smelling gasoline for a week. let's get back here. >> i am going to venture between 150 and 200. we have six -- alarms going into this fire and plus, we have outside resources with water tenders and so forth, so >> the number of

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